Whirling tornado hits Italy just off the coast, people share the spellbinding sight on social media

December 07, 2017 419

he coastal city of Sanremo in northwestern Italy witnessed a spectacular sight of a whirling waterspout mightily hitting the waters just off the coast in the city. Many people living near the waters captured the dumbfounding sight and shared pictures and videos on the Internet. The clips shared on social media show a frighteningly strong gush of water breaking from a cloud into the water in a funnel form. According to a report by The Telegraph, the whirlwind quickly took off to hit the land, where it caused damage in the central and western part of the cities. However, no loss of or damage to life has been reported so far. The beach was closed before the freak weather phenomenon hit the coasts, thus keeping people off the severely danger-prone areas.

Watch videos here.